Humans have always had an insatiable desire to fly. As our race has evolved, technology has helped us to soar to unimaginable heights. We are now seeing unprecedented developments in the field of aviation and personal flying machines At Aeolus our aim is to produce state-of-the-art drones, with the ability to work together to produce a whole more than the parts, and solution.

The next level of UAV and UAS technology at an affordable cost.

The next level of UAV and UAS technology at an affordable cost. Aeolus can fly at an altitude as low as 20ft and up to an altitude of 29,000 ft allowing for a variety of missions which high-altitude systems alone would be unable to handle. Accuracy is the key, the ability to get up close, with high resolution and at slow speed gives more flexibility.

The UAS package is a complete solution for military, law enforcement, drug enforcement, coastal management, immigration and so much more. Each system comes with two independent UAVs, a central command unit and two portable tactical command units, all housed within two 20ft shipping containers.

The aircraft have been fitted with both high resolution cameras, infrared and other equipment, all essential for today’s modern and changing missions. The aircraft can be fitted with any additional systems as needed by the end user. The fully self-sufficient UAVs have take-off readiness within less than 15 minutes.

The aircraft can be deployed to front lines within minutes and controlled from anywhere in the world.

The UAS is set with both mobile telephone network readiness as well as innovative satellite systems management, giving global reach from anywhere.

Aeolus UAV Technical Data

Cabin Material Hybrid Carbon Composite – Bullet Resistant < .35
Engine Rotax 915is
Rotor Hybrid Carbon Composite
Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) 750 kgs (up to 800kgs)
Cruise Speed 143 mph
Maximum Speed 243 mph
Fuel Type 95 or 98 Octane/Aviation Gas
Max Altitude 18,000 ft
Range 2,000 Kms (extended fuel tanks)
Fuel Burn Rate (max) 6.00 US Gallons (22.7 litres) per hour
Fuel Quantity 150 litre (useable) with 45 mins reserve.
Full Take Off Distance VTOL
Landing Distance 0 to 10m
Length 4.50 m
Width 1.82 m
Height 1.94 m
Rotor Length 8.52 m

Aviation is our business, our passion, our life.

High end, military unmanned aircraft and control systems (UAV and UAS) providing flexible solutions and capability for multiple missions, deployed in minutes available for hours.