Components & System Application

Components & System Application

UAS is designated for the traditional monitoring functions : performance, actions coordination and surveillance.

  • 1Real time terrain surveillance, all-time, all-climate
  • 2Information transmission and processing in visual and infrared specters
  • 3Target search and acquisition, target video capture and position determination

A Fully fuelled and armoured Aeolus UAV is autonomous for over ten hours or a range of 3,000 miles. The UAV is deployed from stored condition to takeoff readiness within 15 minutes. It can be operated from any terrain and climate condition :, a body of water, dusty, muddy, mountainous terrain and so much more, dependent on GSM or satellite connectivity.

Mobile Ground Control Station (MGCS)

The Mobile Ground Control Station (MGCS) is designed for remote control of the UAV and its equipment, and also for receiving and representing information with respect to the installed payload. The Control section includes console with equipped UAV and payload operators' workplaces. Additional workplaces for senior staff and supervisors, network devices and external networks can be connected to the console. The console provides autonomous uninterruptable power supply for the entire MGCS system, fulfills the function of a centralized data storage and communication center, whilst also being able to upload data to a third party or secure location continuously.

The UAV is a complex autonomous mechanism that fulfills all tasks and commands as required by the operator. The set of algorithms and behaviour logic which the UAV uses depends on one of the selected operation modes. The actions of UAV operator are confined to the choice of the specific operation mode. This provides a level of safety and security to any operation, and creates a set framework and operational control to each mission.

The advantages of Payload are as follows:

Four built-in modules in a compact body (thermal imager, color camera, laser range finder, video processor), inertial module, light and robust body, active two-axis stabilization, target range estimation and target acquisition.

The video processor provides for continuous automatic video tracking of the object allocated by the operator, (auto tracking), and is capable of to processing the video signals arriving along with the thermal imager and the color camera. Camera is equipped with anthe electronic stabilization system which allows compensates for ing the movement of the camera.

The thermal camera has 18 operating modes or so-called palettes, and each displays warmest objects in different colors. In a "hot-white" mode the hottest subjects are displayed in the contrast white color. In a "hot- black" all hot subjects are displayed in a black color. The four intensity levels provides for the warm subjects or animals display in a red color.

The "picture in picture" function allows displaying images along with two video channels. The user can choose what source of a signal to display in full screen, and which - in the "picture in picture" mode. The maintenance mode shows the target in a frame on the monitor screen. The user can choose one of the several targets specified by the maintenance device.

GCS supports the work ofin the network, due to its architecture and compatibility with Ethernet. It can be easily and effectively integrated into the existing network systems, disseminating the necessary information between users, for instance, transmission of the intelligence information from the GCS to the headquarters for the operations preparation.