Compact Helicopter

Unmanned Compact Helicopter

UAV military modification is a single-rotor helicopter, with fixed landing gear, auxiliary wing with four point suspension of the payload and anthe internal combustion engine running on high-octane gasoline.

UAVs equipped with avionics that provide in automatic mode: takeoff, flight and landing. The UAV has the ability to hover over an object to accomplish the mission and payload control and system of the data transmission.

Types of shots:

High-explosive / thermobaric shot (with a charge of fuel-air explosive, with a TNT equivalent of about 6 kg) is designed to defeat unsheltered manpower in an area not less than 50 m2, destroy and damage buildings, incapacitate unarmored and lightly armoured vehicles.

High-explosive shot - is designed to defeat unprotected enemy forces in an area not less than 80 square meters, as well as the destruction of motor vehicles.

Military specifications as per the requirements of the end user. Aeolus system can be adapted to include 30mm Gatling guns, grenade launchers, flare systems and even rocket launchers. The Aeolus system is flexible and adaptable to fit any system as needed.

Small-sized rocket-propelled grenade caliber 62 mm.
Tactical grenades specifications: Size - 62 mm
Length shot - 142 mm
The maximum firing range - 950 m
The minimum firing range - 25 m
Accuracy of fire at ranges of 200 m - 5 0.5